Sam Winchester

Another malicious application is trying to sneak into computers. Smart Fortress 2012 pretends to be a reliable security tool and it can improve the performance of your system. Moreover, Smart Fortress 2012 wants to beguile PC users into thinking there are serious problems with their computers. Smart Fortress 2012 pretends to make a scan of the system. The fake AV application tricks users into thinking it can detect system threats and infected files.

Smart Fortress 2012 displays fake messages and warns the PC user that that a spyware infection is detected. Smart Fortress 2012 wants to take you to its web page and deceive you into filling in your personal and bank account details.

Do not believe in these empty threats. These are not legitimate messages. Smart Fortress 2012 would do anything to trick you into paying for its full version. Remove Smart Fortress 2012 as soon as possible and use a reliable AV tool.


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