Sam Winchester

Yesterday I started my PC and there it was – Security Shield, an application unknown to me, was displaying annoying messages on my desktop. I was scared because I had no idea at all what this program, which was trying to warn me about some serious system errors and problems, was. Security Shield alarmed me that I need to fix these problems immediately, because some program was trying to steal my passwords and log in details. Also, Security Shield started a scan of my PC without asking me.

I tried to find some information about Security Shield removal on the Internet, but I failed. I was not allowed to access any security-related web sites. Moreover, instead of being taken to reliable web pages, I was redirected to malicious web sites that promote bogus software and fake online scanners.

Then I figured it all out. Security Shield was just another malicious creation of cyber criminals that was trying to take control over my system and take my money.

I removed the useless software.


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