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Sunny Beach is a fantastic holiday destination with plenty of things that one could do here – from sunbathing to active sports and sightseeing. It is a place with fantastic serviced Sunny Beach apartments and a great choice of restaurants, bars and night clubs. If you have already enjoyed the wonders of the resort or if you are sun-burned, do not stay in your apartment in Sunny Beach, instead go out and explore the area near Sunny Beach. You can start with Sveti Vlas resort, which is a small town set at the foot of Stara Planina Mountain. Once a small town, today Sveti Vlas is a posh resort with excellent infrastructure, luxury hotels, busy night club and a wonderful port with yachts set along the sea promenade. Sveti Vlas resort is set to the north of Sunny Beach on a small bay. Known for its unique climate, the resort is often chosen by people with lung diseases and features many children holiday camps and sanatoriums. Today the resort offers many elegant restaurants, karaoke clubs and dance clubs.

The other resort that you can visit near Sunny Beach is called Ravda. This is a small settlement set to the south of Nessebar. The beach here is divided into several areas and bays and one can find sandy beaches, as well as places for snorkeling. The resort features many lovely restaurants and cozy cafes, as well as souvenir shops and grocery stores. In Ravda resort are being organized schools for diving and surfing as well and there are many attractions for children and adults.  Elenite is another popular destination near Sunny Beach resort. It is great for families with children and is considered among the most romantic seaside spots in the southern part of Bulgaria. Elenite Resort is placed only 8 km from Sunny Beach resort and it has great infrastructure with a superb sandy beach, a plethora of restaurants, cafes, shops, entertainment zones for children and their parents.  

Sozopol is another great destination to consider. This lovely old town has plenty to offer to the traveler and this does not only mean great beach and narrow cobblestone streets. Near the town of Sozopol could be found the Ropotamo River where could be seen some rare plants and animals. In the resort itself could be found great conditions for surfing and snorkeling. Just like the Sunny Beach flats, the town of Sozopol has its wonderful accommodation as well, to present just one of the options here Of course we should also not forget the new resort Obzor, which is great for family holidays as it is set far from the noise of the big resorts. This resort has everything that one might need for a comfortable and relaxing holiday, including nice restaurants and great entertainment places.

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